The Pain Free For Life Podcast: Uncovering the 5 Best Episodes of 2022

It’s almost year-end, and that means we’re coming up on the first anniversary of launching The Pain Free For Life Podcast! To celebrate, we’ve prepared a special blog for you this week (we know our community loves getting a TON of helpful health information all in one place).

If you’re a listener, you know that the Pain Free For Life Podcast is dedicated to helping people suffering from chronic pain and other health conditions find non-invasive holistic solutions. Hosted by Dr. Rob Vanbergen, our weekly show offers valuable insights into using game-changing natural treatments, including scalar energy, microcurrent therapy, and PEMFs, to reduce symptoms and increase overall well-being. To help you prepare for a healthy and happy 2023, we put together a list of the top five episodes of 2022 you won’t want to miss.

Download the five fan-favorite episodes below right away so you can listen to them while:

  • Doing holiday baking
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Traveling
  • Taking an after-dinner walk
  • Relaxing on the couch
  • Resting by the fire
  • Tidying up the house for company

If you haven’t given podcasts a shot yet, we suggest you start with ours. Our episodes are in-depth, commercial-free, and packed with insightful information you can’t find anywhere else. The best part? It’s all shared in an easy-to-understand way.

On to the episodes!

#1 Episode: How Microcurrent Helps Treat Eyesight Deterioration

Did you know that microcurrent therapy can help treat vision problems like macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and astigmatism? When 40-year-old serial entrepreneur and marketing guru Meggen Harris discovered microcurrent, her vision had already worsened due to presbyopia. The good news? She was able to restore 20/20 sight with the help of this profoundly effective treatment that works on an underlying cause rather than just treating symptoms! Read about Meggen’s experience in Forbes here.

Download the episode here

#2 Episode: The Infinite Power Of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy is a form of invisible energy used in healing modalities worldwide since ancient times. This episode explores how scalar energy works, why it is so powerful in healing chronic conditions, and how you can reduce inflammation and naturally decrease pain levels. This is as close to a plug-and-play treatment as you can find! The healing effect of scalar waves is a perfect complement to direct microcurrent therapy.

Download the episode here

#3 Episode: Ditch The Botox, Microcurrent Is Your New Beauty Fix

In this episode of the Pain Free For Life podcast, Dr. Rob is joined by cosmetic microcurrent expert Dr. Lorry Hache. She explains why microcurrent therapy should become your go-to beauty fix instead of Botox injections or expensive creams and serums! They talk about what microcurrent does at a cellular level to reverse signs of aging in skin cells. Plus, they share their top tips on how to get started with microcurrent at home today!

Microcurrent is a safe alternative solution for reducing wrinkles and signs of aging without any surgery or downtime needed! Learn why microcurrent is quickly becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments worldwide.

Download the episode here

#4 Episode: My Mission to Become Pain Free For Life and Help You Do the Same with Dr. Rob Vanbergen

My Mission to become Pain Free For Life image

This episode is all about Dr. Rob Vanbergen’s journey toward becoming Pain Free For Life and helping others do the same through his work. This includes his hosting role on The Pain Free For Life Podcast and his private practice treating patients with chronic pain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Dr. Rob details some of the effective natural treatments and his own story of recovering from scoliosis with microcurrent. He goes on to recommend some of his favorite chronic pain solutions, including exercise programs, nutrition advice, lifestyle changes, stress management techniques, massage therapy sessions, needle-free acupuncture, and more!

Download the episode here

#5 Episode: What is Rheumatoid Arthritis and How to Reduce your Symptoms so that You Can Thrive

The co-creator of The Hache Protocol, Dr. John Hache, used microcurrent to overcome arthritis pain. In this autoimmune condition, the body produces harmful antibodies that attack its own tissues and joints as if they were foreign objects.

In this episode, listeners will learn all about rheumatoid arthritis—what it is; what causes it; symptoms associated with it; treatments available; lifestyle changes needed; diet modifications—all explained in detail by Dr. Rob Vanbergen and Dr. Hache himself! This is a can’t-miss episode for those looking for help managing their RA symptoms so they can live their lives fully!

Download the episode here

Get Inspired By Our Microcurrent Success Stories

Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or just looking to learn more about holistic health practices like scalar energy therapy or microcurrent therapy, these five podcast episodes are sure to bring you up to date on all things related to holistic wellness! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current health condition, give these podcasts a listen – they might offer some much-needed hope & inspiration! If you’re ready for more in-depth support in naturally managing your health, we invite you to reach out to our fantastic Microcurrent Specialists today.

Let’s all take steps towards becoming Pain Free For Life in 2023 – together!