Dr Rob’s Top 5 Microcurrent Treatments and Tricks

Microcurrent treatment is incredibly versatile, and we often remind our patients that it should never be approached with a one-size-fits-all mindset. But, whether you’re a veteran microcurrent master or new to energy healing, there are five microcurrent treatments and tricks that are an absolute must – no matter your goals or condition.

As a veteran instructor on the use of the Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ and Doctor of Natural Medicine, I have spent years witnessing the incredible turn-arounds these treatments and tricks facilitate – and it’s my pleasure to share them with you today.

Our driving mission here at Pain Free For Life is to rid the over 1.5 billion people worldwide of unnecessary pain and suffering. These tips and tricks will usher you into the ranks of the countless microcurrent success stories worldwide.

There’s no reason not to try them!

Three Must-Learn Microcurrent Treatments

Master these three microcurrent treatments and accelerate your pain resolution, facilitate regeneration and healing, and secure vibrant overall health and wellness today.

1. Vagus Nerve Stimulation

One treatment that can bring you from a place of anxiety, stress, and non-healing into a place of relaxation and productive healing is Vagus nerve stimulation. This microcurrent treatment is so powerful that it lies at the crux of nearly every inflammatory protocol we have ever conducted or designed.

The Vagus nerve (or the “wandering nerve”) can be traced throughout most of your body, cooperating with and connecting your organs. The vagus nerve is mission control for your nervous system and is incredibly important to your healing and wellbeing. In fact, countless stubborn conditions have been reported to respond positively to Vagus nerve stimulation – the life-altering implications are incredible.

Learn how to perform Vagus nerve stimulation by watching the video below:

Vagus Nerve Stimulation with the Avazzia Life Evolution – YouTube

It’s so simple! A three-minute microcurrent treatment that sets your body up for success, what more could you ask for?

2. The Little Wings Protocol

Many of our patients have a love-hate relationship with this next can’t-miss microcurrent treatment – Little Wings. So many health issues are related to tension in your shoulders your alignment. If you have insomnia, tension in your shoulders, “text neck”, or unexplained headaches, for example, Little Wings could be the answer you’ve been searching for. Some of our patients report that performing Little Wings is a challenge for them. But I promise, with a bit of practice, this treatment will soon come as second nature.

If you would like an easy to follow tutorial on this powerhouse protocol, please watch the short video below:

5-Minute Microcurrent – Little Wings

Once you master Little Wings, you will ask yourself how you lived without this microcurrent treatment before. It’s one of my absolute favorites.

3. Mitochondrial Recharge

If you’re a Hache Protocol Private Member™ and are working hand in hand with one of our treatment coordinators, I can almost guarantee you’ve been instructed to perform the Mitochondrial Recharge Protocol.

The mitochondria in your cells affect:

  • How your metabolism performs
  • Whether you suffer from brain fog or enjoy mental clarity
  • Your energy levels throughout the day

When mitochondria become vulnerable, your body falls into disrepair. Performing daily tasks, including healing and regeneration, becomes nearly impossible.

You may be wondering what the Mitochondrial Recharge Protocol actually does. Allow me to explain briefly… Mitochondrial recharge raises your energy levels, providing your body with the fuel it needs to improve ATP production.

What’s ATP? I’m glad you asked. ATP (or adenosine triphosphate molecules) house and deliver energy throughout your body.  So, in short, when ATP breaks down into ADP, it produces energy. This energy is then utilized in most of the essential cellular reactions that your body performs.

The bottom line is that any healing process will be accelerated by knowing how to do Mitochondrial Recharge.

Two Surprising Microcurrent Tricks to Incorporate into Your Routine Today

These two surprising tricks will help you make the most of your microcurrent treatment protocols.

1. Modulation

When studying how the body works, the peripheral nerves cannot be overlooked. The peripheral nerves connect the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body, making crucial connections with every organ and system in the body. This is similar to electrical signals, whereby the peripheral nerves respond to external and internal factors such as stress, exercise, diet, and disease.

Modulation of these electrical control signals has been recognized as a potentially powerful way to treat not only chronic and acute pain but many other diseases and conditions, including:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Heart failure
  • Hypertension
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Type 2 diabetes

And much more!

When blockages in your body’s information flow occur, disease slowly and methodically sets in. This is because the peripheral nervous system also comprises the brain and the autonomic nervous system. This is the primary mechanism that governs your fight or flight response. The perception of stress triggers the fight or flight response. The opposite reaction would be to eat, sleep, digest, assimilate, and repair.

Through proper modulation of microcurrent signals, you can re-train your brain to respond differently, thus deactivating the negative feedback loops that contribute to chronic pain and triggering your body’s inherent healing mechanisms.

2. Dosing and Zeroing

Imagine you had a knee replacement, and it’s not healing well. This can happen when your body forgets what it’s supposed to do healing-wise. After a major surgery, there’s a lot of trauma to the area. Your body can deal with this fallout as if it were a catastrophic nuclear event in the body – halting regeneration. The answer? Dosing and Zeroing.  This process gives your body a blueprint for healing. You’re asking the body and the brain to get in there and fix things.

See, if the underlying cause of pain and inflammation is never addressed, the brain will become obsessed with sending pain signals, developing a fascination that can eventually develop into a debilitating issue.

How does Dosing and Zeroing work?

It’s a form of automated biofeedback performed with a microcurrent generator that signals the brain’s attention to a particular area to show there is no reason to continue causing pain. This is just the tip of the iceberg when we consider what mind-based medicine can accomplish.

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a healing modality used to control certain functions in your body, such as brain waves, breathing, sweat gland activity, muscle contraction, body temperature, and heart rate. During biofeedback, you will connect yourself via conductive pads to a microcurrent device with biofeedback capabilities. Once connected, this device will help you receive information about your body.

Learn more about Dosing and Zeroing in our blog, Stop the Pain-Brain Connection With Microcurrent Therapy.

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