Stay Home Stay Safe- Self Treatment Blog Series Don’t Get #Docblocked- Pain Management at Home

Stuck at home and stuck in pain? Social distancing has created a gap in treatment options when it comes to chronic pain. Many of us are sufferingas a result. Approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic and debilitating pain; imagine how many appointments for pain management have been canceled – we’d be willing to guess it’s in the millions!

But just because you can’t make it to your doctor’s office, you don’t have to live with the inflammation, aches, and discomfort of chronic pain. There are viable at-home treatment options that require no appointment, no traveling, and no waiting.

Treat What Ails You

The biggest barrier to pain management at home is knowing what to treat. We want to stress that at-home pain management is not and never will be a replacement for consulting with a qualified health provider. We always encourage you to confer with experts when seeking a diagnosis.

However, once you have a diagnosis, you’ve won half the battle. If you’re aware of the root of your chronic pain, treating it at home is always appropriate as long as you are using safe and natural treatment methods.

Don’t get #Docblocked

We discussed some of the roadblocks patients come across when seeking treatment for chronic pain in our blog, Are Your Pain Management Doctors Giving You “Doc Block”? Traditionally Doc Block is when patients run into issues with health care providers not taking their pain seriously and refusing to look deeper into the root of said pain. It can be so frustrating and defeating when you feel like no one is taking you seriously when you reach out for help, and unfortunately, we hear these types of stories time and time again.

But these days, we are seeing a whole new iteration of #docblock going on. In this current global pandemic environment, patients have little to no control over what is causing this interruption in treatment.

How social distancing and COVID-19 are affecting patients’ access to health care:

  • Doctor’s office closures.
  • Lack of access to telehealth.
  • Fear of exposure to the virus preventing elderly and immunocompromised patients from seeking help, even when offices are operational.
  • Difficulty in scheduling appointments, even in situations where offices are operational.

To overcome the challenges facing you today, it’s essential to understand that you can take treatment into your own hands.

Free Yourself from Pain at Home: Our Top Tips

To treat chronic pain at home, you need to start with a strategy. That’s what we’re here for. Many of our patients have found lasting and profound relief through The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™, our proven home treatment protocol for chronic pain. We highly recommend you start by downloading our free report that will tell you how to implement the Protocol for yourself.

In addition, try incorporating these effective treatments into your routine to start feeling better, faster.


Applying heat will work to relax muscles and decrease the sensation of pain. Heat is known to produce an analgesic effect, altering how your brain processes the pain you are sensing. Moist heat in the form of baths, showers, and hot packstends to work more effectively. Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing bath at the end of the day?


Cold therapy, or cryotherapy, works by restricting blood flow to an affected area while reducing nerve activity. The restriction of blood flow will decrease pain-causing inflammation. You can use an ice pack or jump into a cold shower or bath to feel the anti-inflammatory effects of cryotherapy. Feel the invigoration and relief of cold therapy!

Natural Pain Relievers

Herbal and holistic pain relievers have been used for eons across the globe to provide natural relief from pain and inflammation. Ginger, garlic, clove, peppermint, and turmeric are favored treatments of natural practitioners, Ayurvedic healers, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • LV-Curcumin

Access the healing properties of turmeric in a concentrated and potent formula! Curcumin is the bright yellow chemical produced by turmeric and has been used in Ayurveda to treat pain, inflammation, and joint pain for over 5,000 years. There is ancient wisdom in this natural treatment that continues to be relative today.

  • Sana Therapeutics Anti-Inflammatory Support Kit

We’ve previously discussed the correlation between inflammation and pain response, and how eliminating that inflammation is essential to treat your chronic pain. Attack long-lasting pain with the Sana Therapeutics Ant-Inflammatory Support Kit. This kit was developed by Dr.Hache to deliver strong doses of turmeric, Omega 3, and Enzymes that work symbiotically to stop inflammation in its tracks.

Microcurrent-The Last Word in at Home Pain Relief

Microcurrent therapy is currently the most powerful and effective natural pain treatment option we advocate for – and the “secret sauce” of The Hache Protocol™. When we call this treatment powerful, we are talking about results. This gentle treatment is pain-free, has no recovery period, and no side effects.

Can you imagine removing the limitations that chronic pain is putting on your life? Looking to get back to who you were before inflammation and pain took the reins? Microcurrent is the answer!

Patients love microcurrent therapy because of its ability to treat the root of the problem, stopping pain in its tracks.

The problem with conventional pain treatments is that they are designed to mask your pain, not eliminate it. With the help of a microcurrent device like the Avazzia Pro Sport III or the Avazzia Life Evolution, you can harness the power of body-friendly frequencies to gently correct intercellular communication and promote profound healing.

Microcurrent Accessories for At-Home Treatment

Using the right accessories is the key toachieving at-home pain relief. Read our blog, 7 Essential Microcurrent Accessories and Why You Need Them, to find the accessory that works for you and your individual healing goals.

Home Treatment Success Stories

In fact, you may find once we shift back into a more “normal” lifestyle, that you prefer pain management at home. After all, we advocate for treating the root cause of pain, intending to eliminate the source, rather than merely masking the symptoms with pharmaceuticals.

We’ve heard countless success stories, like our patients Bill, Susan, and Kaija, who all used The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™ to treat chronic pain conditions like arthritis and CRPS at home, with outstanding results. If you’re dealing with chronic pain and home treatment strategies interest you, read on!  

We’re Here to Help

At Pain Free For Life, we have always been innovators. Since 2001 we have been working to share the healing benefits of cutting-edge treatments like microcurrent therapy with the world and have created an incredibly supportive community in the process. Whether you join our free Pain Free For Life Support Group on Facebook or opt for the extra support of The Hache Protocol™ Private Membership to help you free yourself from pain, you will notice a recurring theme: support, access, and results.

We hope these strategies help you achieve effective pain management at home and look forward to communicating and connecting with you in one of our support groups online. It’s so important to stay engaged and active in your healing right now. A lot of progress can still be made right at home!