7 Surprising Uses for Microcurrent Therapy

There’s a lot of excitement in the medical community surrounding microcurrent therapy and the ability to treat and eliminate chronic pain and inflammation. But did you know microcurrent is so much more than a pain resolution tool? Our patients are often surprised by some of these lesser-known benefits, so we thought we’d share them with you!


Top of the line microcurrent devices have been used to revive a person who is unconscious. This technology is literally saving lives in a crisis. It may be surprising that such a gentle, weak current is able to accomplish such a huge feat. The key is applying the treatment quickly and in the right location. This function is currently being researched, and we look forward to seeing its application.  

Stimulation of Meridians

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are a network of channels connecting the surface of the body to internal organs. There are specific points along each meridian which, if stimulated, can influence the movement of energy, or Qi. These are known as acupoints and are stimulated to bring the body’s energy into balance. Traditional acupuncture treatment involves penetrating the skin with numerous needles at key points in the body to tap into the network of healing channels, correcting problems in energy flow. For people who want to avoid the needles associated with traditional acupuncture, electro-acupuncture is a great needless option.

Stimulation of acupoints through electro-acupuncture (EA) has shown promising potential to:

  • Restore sensory functions after injury or degeneration
  • Treat neurodegenerative diseases
  • Cure chronic pain

To learn more about how you can tap into the meridian system with microcurrent and correct energy blockages with electro-acupuncture, read our blog, Energy Medicine, Meridians, and Curing Chronic Pain and Disease: Is It For Real?

Activating Stem Cells Within the Body

It’s believed that one of the main reasons microcurrent dramatically increases the healing and pain resolution process is because it activates adult stem cells. A 2014 Egyptian study looked at the regenerative capacity of skeletal muscle tissue that resides in satellite cells, and how microcurrent therapy affected healing. Satellite cells are stem cells found in adult skeletal muscles. It was found that a definite therapeutic effect was identified on stimulated skeletal muscle injury. This effect was proved to be related to satellite cell activation.

Treating Depression

Practitioners and health-savvy patients may be aware of the ability to treat chronic pain disorders with microcurrent, but many are unaware of its ability to treat conditions that are associated with mental wellbeing. Microcurrent therapy has been shown to be an effective solution for issues like depression, ADHD, and PTSD. Microcurrent electrical stimulation, also called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), has been cleared by the FDA to treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression. In 1999, a review of 34 controlled clinical trials regarding the efficacy of CES in the treatment of anxiety and other stress‐related disorders was conducted. It was found that CES can produce significant benefits in the short‐term symptomatic relief of anxiety and other stress‐related disorders.

Sleep Aid

Deep, revitalizing sleep is a pillar of The Hache Protocol for Pain Resolution™. Your body requires adequate sleep to heal itself, and for vital reorganization to take place in the brain. Whether you are diagnosed with insomnia, or you just have trouble falling asleep at night, microcurrent can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This allows you to access the benefits of restorative, healing rest. A 2015 study has shown initial evidence of changes in brain activity associated with reduced arousal (and consequently greater sleepiness) after microcurrent stimulation. Read our case study on how our patient, Bill, used microcurrent to treat his CRPS (a chronic pain condition), and ended up eliminating his sleep problems along the way.

Tightening Muscles and Skin

As we discussed in our blog, Better Than Botox? Microcurrent Technology as a Natural Botox Alternative, microcurrent is a safe and natural way to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, promoting firmer, smoother, and younger-looking skin. What you may not know is that the benefits of muscle toning through microcurrent have a profound effect on health and fitness. In microcurrent muscle toning, electrical communication is used to change and sculpt the body. Using a therapeutic level microcurrent, muscles are stimulated so they twitch, which activates muscle groups the same way physical exercise does thus enhancing musculoskeletal health and performance.

Some of the benefits of muscle toning with microcurrent include:

  • Retaining muscle tone after being inactive due to injury (muscle atrophy)
  • Healing recovery for athletes
  • Post-surgery recovery and healing
  • Treating sports injuries
  • To help heal abdominal separation after childbirth
  • To treat hernias
  • To treat varicose veins

To learn more about the benefits of muscle toning with microcurrent, read our blog, Microcurrent Muscle Toning for Fitness, Health, and Beauty.

Rewiring the Brain

The brain and body are both electrical systems and when your electrical system is damaged, your entire body suffers.  Stimulating the tongue with microcurrent may be the answer to “resetting the brain” and eliminating an array of health problems, according to some researchers.

The pons is a major structure and neural highway located in the brainstem. It is responsible for regulating breathing, hearing, taste, balance, digestion and some aspects of the immune system. Working to facilitate communication, the pons regulates almost all signals from the brain to the body and the body to the brain. Think of the pons as the gatekeeper of your brain.

You may be wondering, “how do I access the pons with my microcurrent device?” and the answer is your tongue! The tongue hosts an incredible amount of neuroreceptors that are closely connected to the brain’s processing areas for movement, sensation, mood, balance, and cognition. Our Flexible Y Tool is a comfortable and effective way to stimulate the tongue and access all of those neuroreceptors. Each attachment will include a protocol sheet that outlines the simple-to-use program, so you can get to work treating this powerhouse of your brain right away! Read more about the pons and its function in our blog, Taking it Further – Taking it to the PONS.

The Possibilities Seem Endless…

As you can see, microcurrent therapy has a multitude of exciting and lesser-known applications beyond pain resolution! Stay tuned as we await even further advancements and studies to demonstrate the healing capabilities of microcurrent therapy. We will always keep you in the loop and informed on new advancements relating to this treatment as they unfold.

We look forward to hearing how this cutting-edge technology has helped you to achieve a happy, healthy and pain-free life. If you have questions, would like to share your experience, or simply want to know more about microcurrent therapy and natural pain resolution, join us here on Facebook!