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We believe the best way to live a pain free life is to take your health into your own hands. To make that as easy as possible for you, we’re constantly working to create a goldmine of free resources you can access at any time, from anywhere. Our free reports and guides on microcurrent and related topics are meant to act as a supplement to your health care, to help you have more control over your health and provide you with tips, strategies, and information unavailable anywhere else.

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Join our FREE Facebook group for tips and resources to help you take back your life from pain, and to join a growing community of members worldwide who are committed to doing the same!

“I have so much respect for this group. Their knowledge and willingness to share it is unparalleled!...I have seen first hand results in nerve growth, bone growth and reduction of pain. Everyone needs to have this in their healing arsenal!”
– Heddy Bing, group member

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EMFs And Your Health: What You Need to Know About Electromagnetic Fields, 5G, and More

The rapid advancement of wireless technology has many asking, “how will this affect my health?” In this report, we examine why EMFs and 5G may be cause for concern—plus best practices for protecting yourself and your family from the impacts of man-made electromagnetic frequencies.

5 Strategies to Live Pain Free Forever

Learn about the 5 Elements of the Hache Protocol and how they work together to help you resolve your pain. This Special Report offers a ray of hope that the incapacitating pain you are experiencing is something that not only should but really CAN be overcome.

Inflammation: The Hidden Source of Chronic Pain

In this report we show you the connections between inflammation and countless afflictions and diseases, many of which still have little known cause behind them. We will then explain why and how microcurrent therapy and related techniques can restore this balance, eliminate pain, and allow you, and those you love, to live a pain free life.

"Autoimmune Solutions Guidebook

In our combined 70+ years of practice, we’ve helped thousands of patients overcome devastating autoimmune symptoms to live happy, productive lives again. This guidebook is devoted to sharing the approach and many of the specific treatments we’ve found over the years to be especially effective in the treatment of autoimmune disorders.

Introducing MEAD: The World's Most Powerful Tool for Body Energy Evaluation and Preventative Care

Many times, in cases where Western medicine struggles to find a diagnosis, an assessment of the meridians can provide a fast and accurate diagnosis even in cases that stump pain management doctors. Learn how the revolutionary MEAD device allows you to obtain a comprehensive physical and mental evaluation of the patient within 3 minutes, to provide a cost-efficient and highly accurate analysis for more effective medical treatment.

Your Healthy, Happy, Holistic Pet: 4 Effective Natural Treatments to Accelerate Healing in Animals

Learn about four approaches to natural medicine for animals that can be successfully combined to accelerate healing in our animal friends. These treatments have stood the test of time as viable medical options that can provide effective natural relief while minimizing the use of pharmaceutical drugs and other invasive techniques for your animals and pets.

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