How Andria’s Healing Practice Thrived with Microcurrent

A few months back, we honored Pain Free For Life Day. As part of the celebrations, we sat down with several practitioners to learn how microcurrent helped to elevate their healing practices and allowed them to serve their clients better. Today, we will be sharing the story of Andria Seymour, who focuses on myofascial release and microcurrent therapy at her office in Osawatomie, Kansas, which is called Main Body Works.

To watch Dr. Rob’s incredible interview with Andria, please watch the video below:

Meet Andria Seymour, Therapist

Andria Seymour is a third-generation therapist.

Andria is a loving and dedicated mother who has worn many hats before discovering her passion for healing. These professions included a homeschool teacher, a corrections officer, a waitress, a charity worker, and even a chef.

When we asked Andria about what motivated her to get into bodywork, she had this to say:

” I became a Therapist because I love to help and teach people. I would love to show them how to help themselves feel better. I want to help more people learn about themselves and how to heal their bodies more efficiently and effectively naturally. I have so much to share. “

Andria’s Background

“I am a third-generation therapist. It all began with my grandparents. Our office is full to the brim with heritage and family photos. We are Native American Cherokee and Apache, so you’ll hear native flute and drum music in places throughout our office. My grandpa is the chakra energy work guru in the office, my mom is incredibly talented in myofascial release, and my grandma is Indigo Bio-Resonance and myofascial release specialist. As for me, I focus on myofascial release, Indigo Bio-Resonance, and microcurrent therapy.”

Andria’s family always dreamed of her joining the practice, but she needed to walk through her own journey of discovery before making the final decision. After a troubling and stressful incident at her most recent job that led to an anxiety attack, Andria finally decided “enough is enough, “and it was time to pursue the noble path of the healer that was seemingly laid out for her all along.

Andria’s Philosophy on Healing

Andria shared she’s always quoting Dr. Rob, Dr. Hache, and John Barnes, who famously said:

“Treatment begins when you walk in the room.”

The Challenge Andria Faced Before Pain Free For Life

Many people aren’t aware of microcurrent therapy even though it’s currently having a moment in the spotlight (even in mainstream medicine). Andria shared that people are sometimes confused or hesitant about the technology and how it actually works.

Some didn’t know the difference between microcurrent a TENs, which are entirely different and far less effective. She needed a simple way to explain this technology and how it works for her clients to understand the potential benefits.

Enter Dr. Rob and the Pain Free For Life team…

Why Andria Chose to Work with Pain Free For Life

Andria shared that she loves working with Dr. Rob and Pain Free For Life because of all the fantastic training resources and support, stating, “if I don’t have a patient, you can catch me going over the Pain Free For Life training videos. My mom will poke her head into the office and see me engrossed in a video and just leaves me be so I can absorb the information”.

The Results: How Andria Elevated Her Practice With Microcurrent Therapy

Because Andria was able to absorb so much information so quickly, it didn’t take long for her to become proficient in microcurrent therapy healing and integrate it into her myofascial release protocols for added efficacy. In fact, her mom was her first client! By following the Sciatica Protocol to a T, Andria’s mom, a healer herself, was able to move past 20+ years of recurrent pain in a matter of weeks.

Today, Andria has successfully treated everything from sciatica to chronic pain to anxiety to anosmia (loss of smell) with impressive and often life-changing results.

Andria’s Microcurrent Picks

Andria’s microcurrent picks.

Andria’s favorite protocol is the Mitochondrial Recharge Protocol, stating, “I do a Mitochondrial Recharge on every person I can because I feel like everybody needs it. Who couldn’t use more energy? “She also loves the SANA Cycle automatic treatment mode because it’s worry-free and straightforward. And, according to Andria, everyone should have a SANA Health Blanket in their home! She often uses her blanket when her children are experiencing pain and headaches with great success.

Andria’s favorite accessory for her Avazzia Life Evolution is the Dual Electrodes. She stated, “there are things I can do with the dual electrodes that I can’t do with other tools! And when I got the Bell Electrodes, I was in love because you can separate them and move them around. I’m finding that I can feel the tissue release under the electrodes, and the body just seems to ask for more, which is so amazing!”

Integrate Microcurrent Therapy into Your Practice Today

Today, Andria’s family practice is thriving. And because she offers the advantage of myofascial release and microcurrent therapy in tandem, she has really differentiated herself from her competitors. This also means she provides a new option to people who haven’t found help elsewhere. Andria is delighted to be helping her community, and we couldn’t be prouder to play a part in her success story!

We asked Andria if she thought her investment in an Avazzia microcurrent device was worth it, and she shared:

“If you’re a pain therapist, get a device! And, if you can afford it, go deluxe every time – you won’t regret it!

Suppose you’d like to learn more about integrating microcurrent therapy into your bodywork, massage, physical therapy, or healing practice. In that case, we encourage you to reach out to our team of knowledgeable and helpful Microcurrent Specialists today! They will help you identify the best route to elevating the success of your practice with the help of microcurrent therapy and The Hache Protocol For Pain Relief™.