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August 16, 2022
How To Relieve Your Pets Pain With Microcurrent Therapy


How To Relieve Your Pets Pain With Microcurrent Therapy

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Welcome to the Pain Free for Life podcast. In this episode, Dr. Rob Vanbergen talks with Dr. Roger Meacock and the effect Microccurent has on our pets. Dr. Meacock discusses his discovery of microcurrent and the powerful effect it had on his own chronic pain as well as how he adapted it to helping animals to overtake suppressive drugs prescribed to them. Dr. Meacock then went on to teach other veterinarians in the states and elsewhere how powerful a tool Microcurrent can be to treat our pets and animals in general. Dr. Rob and Dr. Meacock go on to discuss the difference in treatment from individual to individual and animal to animal and how Microcurrent can be made effective for all different cases presented. Even when it came to the neural function of a horse who had uncontrolled shaking, Dr. Meacock was able to use Microcurrent in a situation where putting the animal down was deemed the best course of action and ended up saving its life. Microcurrent is a legitimate healer for animals and humans alike.

To learn more about Dr. Roger Meacock and his work visit the Welcome to the World of Roger Meacock website.

Thank you so much for joining us today and listening to the Pain Free for Life podcast. For more information about Dr. Rob Vanbergen and how you can take steps to becoming pain free for life, visit the Pain Free for Life website.

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