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April 26, 2022
Benefits Of Nitric Oxide For The Heart, Lungs And More


Benefits Of Nitric Oxide For The Heart, Lungs And More

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Welcome to the Pain Free for Life podcast. In this episode, Dr. Rob Vanbergen is joined again by Dr. John Hache to tell us about the benefits Nitric Oxide has on the body. Nitric Oxide is produced by nearly every cell in the human body and is one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health. Nitric Oxide relaxes the muscles in the blood vessels to allow for greater blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Nitric Oxide plays a major role in wound healing as discussed by Dr. Rob and Dr. Hache. Dr. Hache talks about how those who suffer from non-healing wounds should be open to taking Nitric Oxide supplements to help start the healing process within the body. The Doctors go on to discuss how Nitric Oxide was used to combat Covid and the effects it had on the body. Dr. Hache then tells us how Microcurrent is one of the best vessel dilators you can use to help increase the blood flow in the body. The body relies on these simple systems to function and oxygen is needed for all functions of the body.

 Thank you so much for joining us today and listening to the Pain Free for Life podcast. For more information about Dr. Rob Vanbergen and how you can take steps to becoming pain free for life, visit the Pain Free for Life website.

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